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Features Major Features

In design of Four Winds special attention has been paid to playability, graphics and atmosphere.

Another main goal has been in full coverage of all major versions of Mah Jong as it is today known around the world. What makes Four Winds truly unique is its customizability: most rules can be adjusted with options and the scoring and payment schemes can be freely modified. In addition to offering over 20 pre-defined rule presets, a user can customize any of these and create virtually any number of user-defined rule presets. 

Four Winds 2 also supports multiplayer games over the Internet, LAN, modem or cable connection (in modern environment practically only LAN games are supported). All rule options are available in multiplayer games. In addition, there is support for sending player bitmaps to other players, and support for player specific sound effects. 

The new version comes with 12 themes (alternative graphics and sound schemes). In addition, the game now fully supports user-defined themes a free Theme Editor is available for facilitating creation of themes. In addition, Four Winds allows overriding the default tile bitmap with virtually any tile layout saved as a Windows bitmap file. The game comes with several alternative tile bitmaps.

For a complete list of new features, check the What's New in version 2 section of Four Winds Online Documentation.  You might also want to check the new tutorial for having an introduction on the rules, scoring and user interface of the game. The tutorial is available as a download or it can be viewed online

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