You can access the Preferences dialog box by choosing Preferences on the File menu.

The Preferences dialog box lets you view and change most of the user-interface and game options available in Four Winds. The options are arranged in several independent pages which can be activated using the category tree control on the left side of the dialog box.

The Rule presets drop-down list at the top of the dialog box lets you choose one of the many pre-defined rule presets or activate a user-defined rule preset. In order to change the settings of the Rules and Scoring categories, you must quit an on-going game and choose a customized or user-defined rule preset. Only the settings of these two categories are saved in rule presets.

Settings of the Players option page can also be edited only when there is no game in progress (except for face bitmaps, which can be changed and turned on or off even if the game is going on). Most of the settings of the User Interface category, however, can be edited in the middle of the game session.

You can have detailed information on the options and controls by using the context help. Click on the question mark button on the top right corner of the dialog box and then the option you wish to know more about. The Help button displays category specific information.

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