Declaring a Kong

You can declare a Kong on your turn, if you have:

To declare a Kong:

Note: Four Winds 1.x allowed a player to declare a Kong after having claimed a tile for a Chow or Pung. This is the default option in Four Winds 2, as well. Some rules, however, prohibit a player to declare a Kong in situations like this, but rather restrict the right to declare a Kong to player's own turn only. You can apply this rule option by clearing the Allow Kong after claiming of Pung or Chow box on the General option page under the Rules section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box. Notice that even if this rule is enabled, you are allowed to declare a Kong, if you claim a tile for a Kong, since in this case you will receive a supplement tile from the Dead Wall and you are no longer dependent on other player's tile.

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