Accelerating the pace of the game

If the tile animation seems too slow, try to adjust the speed by using the Animation settings on the General option page under the User Interface section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box. If none of the settings work, you should disable the tile animation altogether.

Disregarding the Animation settings (and the Discard delay setting specified on the Gameplay option page), you can bypass these settings in certain situations by clicking anywhere on the game board:

Notice, that the game messages (e.g., your opponents’ declarations) are shown in a message box by default. You can accelerate the game by defining, that most of the messages are shown in the message line, instead. To show the messages in the message line, remove the check mark beside the Show Messages command on the Options menu. The setting is saved as a new default for this command.

Tip: The mouse and keyboard operation described here is based on the default configuration. You can customize the game controls for the basic events like discarding, claiming, undo and acceleration. For more information, see Configuring game controls.