Creating and managing custom rule presets

Creating a new preset

You can customize any of the pre-defined rule presets and save the results as a new rule preset. There is no practical limit for the number of user-defined presets so you can create a whole library of your own rules.

To create a new preset:
  1. Quit an on-going game, if applicable.
  2. Choose Preferences on the File menu.
  3. Select "Customized" from the Rule Presets drop-down list box. You can use an existing preset as a starting point by selecting that preset first, and then choosing "Customized". You can also make changes directly to any of the user-defined presets you have created previously and rename it, but then you lose the user-defined preset you used as a starting point. (You cannot change, rename or delete pre-defined rule presets.)
  4. Make changes to individual options. After you have selected "Customized" from the Rule Presets drop-down list box, or any of the user-defined rule presets, all the rule and scoring options are available for editing.
  5. Click on the arrow on the left of the Rule Presets drop-down list box. Choose Save As New Preset from the pop-up menu.
  6. Enter a unique name for the new preset in the text box of the Save Preset As dialog box and select OK. The new preset appears in the Rule Presets drop-down list box and is selected as a current preset.

Tip: You can save the rules of the currently on-going game (provided that the rules are customized) by opening the Preferences dialog box and choosing Save As New Preset from the pop-up menu. This is handy if you have loaded a game which uses customized rules that you wish to save for future use (this allows you to exchange rules with other players simply by sending a saved game file). Notice that Four Winds reverts to default rules (the ones that were active before you loaded the saved game) as soon as you close the saved game, so if you want to continue with the same settings (and they differ from those that were active before), you'll first have to activate the rule preset to which you saved the settings.

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