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Claiming rules – Allow over-claiming

Over-claiming refers to an act of claiming a discarded tile for a Pung (or Kong, if jokers are enabled) after one of the other players has claimed the same tile for a Chow. This can be done unintentionally, but normally over-claiming is a strategic device: the discard is claimed only to prohibit the player who claimed the tile for a Chow to improve his hand.

Some rules consider over-claiming unfair and forbid it altogether while other rules allow it without restrictions or by applying a time limit for to allow a safe declaration.

By default Four Winds ignores the concept of over-claiming: in non-multiplayer games other players' declarations are shown only after the specified discard delay has passed, so it is not technically possible to over-claim; in multi-player games other players' declarations may be shown immediately (provided that the the Hide competition  option is not active), but over-claiming is not possible, since the declarations are evaluated only after the specified discard delay has passed. In both game modes, the discarded tile is simply given to the player whose claim is the highest.

However, if you enable over-claiming, Four Winds handles claims as follows:

a) Non-multiplayer games
b) Multiplayer games
To specify the over-claiming rules:
  1. Choose Preferences on the File menu.
  2. From the Rule Presets list, choose a customized rule preset.
  3. Choose Claiming under the Rules section of the category tree.
  4. To enable over-claiming, check the Allow over-claiming box.
  5. As the setting is enabled, Four Winds automatically uses the discard delay as the value for Safety threshold

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