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Special tiles – Jokers

Jokers are often used in the modern American Mah Jong and sometimes also in the modern Chinese Mah Jong. Usually the number of jokers is four and they can be used to replace any regular tile, though often the use of jokers is restricted in certain ways.

To include the Jokers in the game:
  1. Choose Preferences on the File menu.
  2. From the Rule Presets list, choose a customized rule preset.
  3. Choose General under the Rules section of the category tree.
  4. Check the Jokers box.
  5. To specify options for the use of jokers, click the Options button.

In addition to the Number of jokers (4 or 8), Four Winds lets you specify the following options in the Jokers dialog box:

Scoring for jokers

Four Winds has two scoring items specific to jokers. In the Winning category of the Scoring list (on the Sets and Patterns option page under the Scoring section of the category tree) you can specify the points the winner receives for No jokers (i.e., no jokers appear in the hand nor in the melded sets).

Assigning a value to a joker

You can assign a value to a joker tile appearing in the hand by pressing and holding down the ALT key and pointing the desired tile in the tile palette. If you prefer to use the keyboard, first lift up the tile whose value you wish to specify, then press and hold down the ALT key and use the arrow keys to specify the tile. When a joker tile has been assigned a tile value, it has a triangle mark on the bottom right corner.

Note: If you want to declare a Kong and you have jokers in hand, you must have jokers specified before being able to make the declaration. This does not apply to claimed Kongs, since in this case it is obvious, which tile is used for the Kong.

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