Four Winds Rule Collection American Modern

1. Tiles

The complete Mah Jong tile set consists of 144 tiles of which 136 are regular playing tiles and 8 are bonus tiles (Flowers and Seasons). The regular tiles are divided into two main groups: Suits and Honors.

1.1 Suits

There are three suits: Bamboos, Characters and Dots. Each suit consists of 36 tiles: four 1’s, four 2’s, and so on up to 9. Total of suit tiles is thus 108.

Bamboos (a.k.a. Sticks, Ch. sou-zu)

Characters (a.k.a. Wans or Craks; Ch. man-zu),

Dots (a.k.a. Balls or Circles, Ch. pin-zu)

Suit tiles from 2 to 8 are called Simples (or Minor tiles, as opposed to Terminals and Honors, which are sometimes called Major tiles), 1’s and 9’s are called Terminals. Sets composed of Terminals pay generally more than sets composed of Simples.

1.2 Honors

Honors consist of Dragons and Winds. There are three Dragons four of each: Green Dragon, Red Dragon and White Dragon, and four Winds, four of each: East, South, West and North. Total of honor tiles is thus 28.



Letters on the Dragon tiles are based on the Chinese terms fa (meaning "flourishing manifestation" and symbolizing Earth), chun (meaning "centre" and symbolizing Man), and pai pan (meaning "white plank", "white tile").

1.3 Flowers and Seasons

In addition to the regular tiles, four Flowers and four Seasons are used as bonus tiles. Flowers and Seasons are not used in tile combinations: when received, they are immediately exposed, put aside and replaced with regular tiles. Each bonus tile is associated with a wind as follows:

Flowers: Plum (East), Orchid (South), Chrysanthemum (West) and Bamboo (North).

Seasons: Spring (East), Summer (South), Autumn (West) and Winter (North).

Note: Some rules based on American Mah Jong apply a rule according to which Flowers and Seasons must be melded face down on board. This option is often used in Australia and New Zealand.

1.4 Jokers

American game typically uses 4 or 8 jokers. Jokers can normally be used as substitutes of any tile in any set and they can also be used as substitutes of single tiles in irregular hands. Some rules, however, might regulate the use of jokers (e.g., allow them in Pungs and Kongs only, or restrict the number of identical tiles allowed in a hand to four).

1.5 Tile identifiers

When the game was introduced in the United States, numbers and letters were added on the tiles to make them easier to recognize. In Asian tile sets identifiers are normally used only in bonus tiles.

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