Release Notes for Four Winds Mah Jong for Windows Mobile 2005
(VGA devices only)

Please note that this is still a test version so there may be errors in the code and some features might change before making the final release (this might be postponed until the next Windows Mobile version is released).

Note too that since this version contains all theme plug-ins in VGA mode, the installation requires about 4 MB free memory. If you want to save space, you can later manually remove the theme plug-ins under the main program folder (\Program Files\Games\4Winds).

  1. When you start downloading the test version you will be asked a user name and password for the download. These are the same that were delivered to you when you registered your Pocket PC version of Four Winds Mah Jong.

  2. Since this is a .CAB file, you must install the program by copying the file over to your Pocket PC (by using Microsoft ActiveSync and Explorer). Once the .CAB file has been transferred, launch it from within your Pocket PC and the installation is carried out automatically. Note that your existing version of Four Winds, if installed, will be overwritten.

  3. If necessary, please re-enter your registration information in the Registration dialog box (accessed by tapping the up-arrow on the right of the ? menu button and choosing Register).

This version supports only the native Windows Mobile 2005 VGA mode and NOT the "true VGA" mode that can be turned on with 3rd party utilities like SE-VGA or ozVGA. If you need this feature, please install the Pocket PC 2003 SE version on your device.

The Pocket PC 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 2005 VGA versions are otherwise identical but the Windows Mobile 2005 version assumes a fixed menu bar height of 52 pixels and accordingly disables support for the "true VGA" mode. That's because certain Windows Mobile 2005 VGA devices (notably Dell Axim X51v) return an incorrect menu height, which would result in use of "true VGA" screen elements when not running the device in this mode (e.g., a game board that is cut from the bottom, far too big dialog boxes, etc.).
NOTE: If you experience this error on your Pocket PC 2003 SE VGA device, as well, you can use the Windows Mobile 2005 VGA version to fix this problem. This version installs perfectly well on a Pocket PC 2003 SE device (provided that it is a VGA device).

If you find errors or want to suggest improvements for the VGA version, please send e-mail to