Four Winds Mah Jong File Download

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The file transfer should start automatically once this page has loaded. 
If it does not, please click this link.

Installation Instructions

When the file transfer starts, your browser normally lets you choose whether the file should be opened or saved. The actions needed to perform depend on the choice you made at this point.

If you chose to "Open" the file, no further operations are needed. The installation program should start immediately after the file transfer is complete. The installation program guides you through the setup procedure.

[Note: Your browser might warn you of opening the downloaded file due to the lack of security certificate (some browsers might hide completely the Open command and let you only save the file instead of directly opening it). You can ignore this warning safely, or if you wish to be able to examine the contents of the transferred file before opening it, please choose to save the file instead of opening it. ]

On the other hand, if you chose to "Save" the file, your browser normally lets you choose what should be done after the download is complete. E.g.,  Microsoft Internet Explorer lets you open the downloaded file or the folder that contains the downloaded file so that you can perform file operations yourself. To enable this functionality you should ensure that Close this dialog box when download completes box is not checked. (Other browsers have equivalent commands.)

If your browser supports opening the downloaded file, click the Open button once the download is complete.

If your browser does not support automatic opening of the downloaded file, use your file system
("My Computer") to locate the folder where you initially chose to save the file that you downloaded. Then double click the filename 4W2Themes256.exe to start the installation. (Note that if your file system hides the .exe extensions, the filename is simply .exe.) The installation program guides you through the setup procedure.


If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed, your browser may initially block the file from downloading and display the following warning at the top of the page:

Click on the warning to display the following menu:


…and click Download File to proceed.

If you have Explorer, you may be warned that the file to be downloaded is not "commonly downloaded" and could be harmful. To ignore the warning, choose "Actions" (either in the Warning ribbon or in the Download manager), then choose "Run anyway" (you might need to first expand the option list by choosing "More options").


You can access the themes by choosing Preferences on the File menu, activating the Themes option page and selecting the desired theme from the list of available themes. Note that the themes are available only in a registered version of the program.

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