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Introduction Welcome

Welcome to Four Winds Mah Jong the most versatile game of Mah Jong in the world!

In short
  • Get the latest desktop version 2.22
    • Now square layouts are also supportedThis patch (released on February 10, 2022) fixes errors found in earlier 2.x versions of the game. The current version is also fully compatible with Windows 8.1, 10 (excluding Windows 10 S), and 11. If you are a registered user, you can download the latest version here. To see the details of the update, please check the version history.
    • The latest versions support modern laptop and large desktop display sizes and wide screens, up to 1920x1200 pixels, and introduce a new bigger tile size. Ultra high resolution displays (and specifically 3:2 display ratios used on Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface laptops) are supported by allowing Windows 8, 10 and 11 to perform app scaling. Four Winds also supports color management so the graphics won't look overly saturated on modern wide-gamut LED-backlit displays.
    • Square board layouts (where players sit around the four sides of the Wall) are supported on most screen resolutions.
    • Latest versions support transparent tile sets allowing Akagi-style games, and addition of EMA Riichi rule preset, and addition of four new (scanned) tile sets.
    • Theme Editor is also available for creating themes supporting HD graphics.

      High-resolution boards use larger tile size,
      up to 50 x 64 pixels.

  • Use CrossOver to run Four Winds smoothly on Linux or macOS, including Sonoma
    and new macs using Apple Silicon (M1/M2) chips.
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  • You can now stream Four Winds onto your tablet device!Use Microsoft Remote Desktop or Splashtop Personal to run Four Winds on other operating systems like Android, Chrome, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Windows 8 RT! You actually just stream the game via LAN (or fast Internet connection) from your Windows PC, but can play it as if it ran natively on your non-Windows device – an ideal solution especially if you have a small Windows box like Intel NUC! All features of the game are available, including the multiplayer games.
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  • Four Winds for Windows Mobile (free)
    • Four Winds is also available for Windows Mobile, supporting Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 devices, and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 QVGA devices with 240x320 screens or VGA devices with 480x640 screens (square screens and landscape screens are not supported).
    • More information about the Windows Mobile version on our Pocket PC site.
  • Four Winds Mah Jong 2 is available on a CD-ROM
    • You can now purchase Four Winds also on a CD-ROM at an extra charge of EUR 10 + shipping. You can order the CD-ROM either at the time you purchase the full or upgrade license, or if you already have a registered copy of Four Winds, you can make a separate CD-ROM order.
  • Four Winds 2 (full version) comes with 12 themes and several alternative tile sets, and the program also supports user-defined themes and tile sets.
    • For thumbnails, descriptions and further information, check the Themes and Tile sets sections under the Features.
    • You can download a free Theme Editor to facilitate creation of your own themes. You still need a bitmap editor to create most of the images, but with Theme Editor you can specify colors for controls and other elements using solid colors, and create the final bitmap in a format required by Four Winds.
    • You can now play .mp3 files (and any other sound format supported by DirectX) as background music.
    • Do you have a unique tile set and a scanner? If so and you wish to use your tile set in Four Winds and share the tile set with other users please contact us for instructions. 
  • The latest version of Four Winds 1.x version 1.14 is available free of charge to registered users of  version 2.
    • Four Winds version 1.x is no longer for sale, but 1.x version files (the actual program, language modules, tutorial, etc.) are still available on our site to support our existing customers. The version 1.14 also accepts the registration number of version 2, so the registered users of version 2 can also benefit from features specific to version 1.x: e.g., the small size  and availability of language modules.
    • Version 1.14 is binary compatible with the Windows Mobile version so you can use the program to play games interchangeably with your PC and Windows Mobile.
    • Four Winds 1.x versions now also speak Russian! The Russian language module is available on our version 1.x download page.
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