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This is a store that sells full and upgrade licenses, and an optional CD-ROM add-on, for Windows-based Four Winds Mah Jong, initially released in 1997. Four Winds is NOT a solitary game of the same name but a popular Chinese board game for four players, stemming from late 19th century and now played all over the world. Four Winds allows you to play offline against three computer adversaries, or against up to three human players within local area network (multiplayer games on the Internet are theoretically possible but unpractical due to lack of server and need for complex port configurations on each attenders’ router). You can choose from over 20 rule variants. For more information about the game, please check https://www.4windsmj.com.

The current version is 2.20, released on January 2022.

The game runs on any Windows desktop operating system starting from Windows 95, up to Windows 11, both 32- and 64-bit versions. Note however that the game does NOT run on Windows 10 S, which only supports Windows Store apps unless it is upgraded.

In addition to playing the game on Windows, it is nowadays relatively easy to play the game on other platforms (Linux, MacOS X / macOS, iOS (iPad), and Android) by using systems like Wine (for MacOS X / macOS and Linux; no Windows license is needed); VMWare or VirtualBox (both free for non-commercial use but a Windows license is needed); Parallels Desktop (commercial, and Windows license is needed); or by streaming from a Windows host to MacOS X / macOS, iOS, Android or Windows Phone client using software like Splashtop Personal or Microsoft Remote Desktop client (the latter being available only when hosting the game on Windows Pro or Enterprise). For more information, see https://4windsmj.com/systeminfo.htm and and instructions for setting up Wine on macOS.

4 thoughts on “About Four Winds Mah Jong

  1. hi, i am from america and i am trying to use this to play mahjong as i cant find no one around me willing to play. i tried a multiplayer game but nothing came up is no one using this application?

    1. Dear Luis Aponte,

      Thank you for your interest in Four Winds Mah Jong.

      The multiplayer feature works in practise only on local area network, and at this point requires 3rd party additional files (downloadable free of charge) even there, so it has quite limited use.

      Best regards,
      Arto Tenkanen

  2. I purchased the full licensed version on 10/23/2019, and still have not received the link to download the software??

    1. Dear Carrie Clark,

      Please check your mailbox and ensure that our mail is not blocked by your spam filter. We sent the registration information on October 24 and just resent it again.

      Best regards,
      Arto Tenkanen

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