Discarding a tile and undoing a discard

When it is your turn and you have received a new tile from the Wall, a supplement tile from the Dead Wall (after declaring a Kong or receiving a Flower or a Season tile), or a discarded tile from one of your opponents, you must make your move: either declare out, or discard one of your tiles.

To discard a tile:
  1. Lift the tile you wish to discard. Clicking on a non-lifted tile lifts it up, and slides any other tile that was previously lifted back to the row. Clicking on a lifted tile again puts it back to the row.
  2. Release the lifted tile by clicking it with the right mouse button, or by pressing the SPACEBAR. You don’t have to click on the tile: right clicking anywhere on the game board releases the lifted tile and completes your move.
    The discarded tile zooms out from the hand, and zooms in into the discard slot, where it is available for other players. You can undo your move as long as the tile stays in the Discard slot.
To undo your discard:
  1. Draw back the tile you have just discarded as long as the tile is visible in the discard slot by clicking the discarded tile, or by pressing the SPACEBAR. The tile moves back to the hand.

Note: Undo is available only if you have checked the Undo box on the Gameplay page (under User Interface section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box). Notice that you can’t undo anything else than your last discard, and not even that after the tile has disappeared from the discard slot. But if you want to cheat, you can check the Replay box on the same page. This lets you restart the hand and move back and forth in the game by using the history list of the Moves tab. You can also save a game and then reload it.

Tip: The mouse and keyboard operation can be customized. The default configuration for discarding (and undoing) is described above, but you can use alternate methods, if you wish. For more information, see Configuring game controls.