Game Manager

Moves tab

Displays main events of the current deal in a history list. The information provided depends on the way discards are placed on board. If discards are placed face down or arranged in one area common to all players (either randomly or in the chronological order), all information on tiles received or discarded is hidden. Otherwise the history list displays information as follows:

Note that disregarding the way discards are displayed, choosing Show Tiles on the Options menu always causes the history list to display all information related to tiles received and discarded, including moves of other players.

You can print a notated list of moves after the deal is over by choosing Print in the Scores dialog box. Unlike the history list of the Moves tab, printed version contains complete moves (both tiles received and discarded) for all players, including ones performed during Charleston and Ding Dong.

If you have checked the Allow replay option (on the Gameplay option page of the Preferences), you can use the history list as an undo tool. To go to desired point in the game, right click on any of the items marked with a rectangle representing your color (in the Four Winds theme the color is red), and choose Go to This Move from the context menu. Double clicking on an item performs the same action. Notice that the game events following the selected point will remain in the list but are grayed out. As soon as a conflicting move occurs, the rest of the events are cleared.

Note: Moving to another point in the game is supported only in games with computer adversaries.

Tip: You can use the history list to recover a deal that ended in a disaster. E.g., if you made a silly discard and let your opponent go out on a limit hand, you can revert to preceding situation by opening the Scores dialog box, clicking the arrow button beside the Resume/Close button and choosing Replay from the option menu. After the deal is started, you can move to the desired point by using the history list. This cheat is allowed only if you have enabled the Allow replay option on the Gameplay option page.

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