Renaming scoring items

To rename a scoring item:
  1. Choose Preferences on the File menu.
  2. Choose Sets and Patterns or Limit & Special Hands section under the Scoring section of the category tree.
  3. Click the Winner radio button above the Category list.
  4. Choose the category from the Category list.
  5. Click twice the item whose name you want to change.
  6. Type the new name for the item.

Note: The customized names are saved in the Custom folder (this is by default a sub folder under the Four Winds program folder, or when Windows Vista or later is used, under the [Users]\[Public]\[Documents]\4Winds2 folder) or in files called 4wstr1.dat (sets and patterns) and 4wstr2.dat (Limit and Special hands). You can restore all the original names simply by removing these files.

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