Rule variations

Miscellaneous – Round wind sequence

Normally the sequence of round winds is East, South, West and North (ESWN). In Mah Jong tournaments sometimes the number of round winds is reduced, e.g., the East round may be omitted. The sequence may also vary, e.g., some players may want to play only East and North rounds. 

Four Winds lets you specify any round wind sequence you wish using the wind letters E, S, W and N. E.g., to play a six round game omitting the East round wind, you would specify 6 in the # of rounds box and SWN in the Round wind sequence box. The sequence can be any combination of wind letters and its length can vary from 1 to 4 characters.

To specify the round wind sequence:
  1. Choose Preferences on the File menu.
  2. From the Rule Presets list, choose a customized rule preset.
  3. Choose General under the Rules section of the category tree.
  4. Enter a sequence of letters E, S, W, N in the Round wind sequence box.

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