Editing rule descriptions

Four Winds lets you edit the summary information displayed for the currently selected rules on the upper part of the Rules tab. Note that you can edit the rule descriptions for the pre-defined and saved, user-defined rule presets only. If you wish to have descriptions for a non-saved, customized rules, you must first save the rules as user-defined rule preset.

To edit the rule descriptions:
  1. Choose Preferences on the File menu.
  2. Choose Rules (the introductory page of the Rules section) from the category tree on the left of the Preferences dialog box.
  3. Click the Edit Preferences button.
  4. In the Rule Descriptions dialog box, select the desired rule preset from the Rule preset list.
  5. From the Category list, select the category for which you wish to edit the description and enter the text in the box below.

Note: The customized descriptions are saved in the Custom folder (this is by default a sub folder under the Four Winds program folder, or when Windows Vista or later is used, under the [Users]\[Public]\[Documents]\4Winds2 folder). The pre-defined rules are named as "4WDS??.DAT", where ?? represents the ordinal number of the rules and is the same as the number used in the equivalent high score file (4WHS??.DAT) and statistics file (4WGS??.DAT) for the same rules. You can revert to default rule descriptions by deleting all files in the Custom folder matching the 4WDS??.DAT filename pattern.

Tip: You can easily copy descriptions from one rule preset to another by first choosing the source rule preset, copying the text to the Clipboard, then selecting another rule preset and pasting the copied text.