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We welcome all your comments and suggestions for new features and rule options. You can send your feedback by using this form or sending e-mail directly to

You can use the feedback form also for submitting a description of any problem you have experienced with Four Winds 1.x or version 2.x. However, please check the FAQ list first to see if it provides a solution for your problem.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your ISP or spam mail filter does not block e-mail from or addresses since support e-mail normally proceeds from these domain names (and not necessarily from It is quite common that too strictly set spam mail filter blocks support related e-mail (as much of spam is disguised as support e-mail). If you do not receive e-mail you have been asking, and especially if you have sent multiple support e-mails without receiving any replies, please check your e-mail settings (and more specifically, if our mail is in your spam mail box).

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