Troubleshooting – Rule presets donít work right

If you have problems with the rule presets (e.g., actual settings used in the game are not those selected from the Preferences, or custom rules do not load correctly, or the program behaves generally erratically when starting a new game), it is probable that the configuration file for rule presets (4winds.cfg) is corrupt.

To correct the problems with rule presets:
  1. Close the Preferences dialog box, if necessary.
  2. Delete the file 4winds.cfg in the Four Winds program folder, or hold down the Ctrl key when you launch Four Winds (and accept a dialog box asking confirmation for resetting the configuration file).
  3. Open the Preferences dialog box, and Four Winds re-creates the configuration file with the default presets.
  4. From the Rule presets list, select any other rule preset than the one that is currently active. This ensures that the settings are read from the configuration file rather than from the system registry, which still may have the corrupt settings.
  5. Reselect the rules you had active originally (not applicable, if user-defined rules were active, since the saved, user-defined rules are lost when the configuration file is deleted).

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