Troubleshooting – The taskbar does not disappear

If the game board is the same size as the screen and the Windows taskbar stays visible even if Four Winds has the focus, do the following:
  1. Hold down the Shift key and right click the game board. The main window is positioned at 0,0 coordinates and the taskbar should disappear.
Note: The taskbar remains visible on top of a window that does not fully cover the screen. This is a feature specific to Windows operating system. E.g., if you play with the large game board (1024x768 pixels) and your screen resolution is 1024x768, the taskbar disappears when Four Winds has focus only if the window is positioned at 0,0, thus covering the whole screen. The reason Four Winds does not maximize the main window in situations where the game board is the same size as the screen is that Windows does not allow a maximized window to cover the taskbar that is specified to be "Always on top" (instead, the height of a maximized window is adjusted so that the taskbar always stays visible).

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