Troubleshooting – No music

If you can’t hear the background music of Four Winds, do the following:
  1. Make sure you have enabled background music by checking the Background Music command in the Options Menu of Four Winds. Make sure you have installed the Four Winds .mid files in the Four Winds program folder. If not, copy the files to correct folder, or reinstall Four Winds.
  2. Make sure that no other program reserves the MIDI device. Only one program at a time can use the MIDI device.
  3. Open Media Player and try to play Canyon.mid or any of the .MID files that come with the system. If you cannot hear music, continue to the next step. Otherwise, continue using Media Player and try to open one by one each of the Four Winds .mid files. If you cannot open a file, or if you cannot hear music while playing it, it is obvious that the file is corrupt. Remove the corrupted file from Four Winds program folder and copy the original file by re-installing Four Winds.
  4. Make sure you have a sound device (an ordinary sound card with OPL synthesizer will do) installed, configured and operational. Try to play Tada.wav or another system wave file using Media Player or some other wave player. If the sound plays, continue to next step. Otherwise consult your Windows documentation.
  5. Open Control Panel and double-click the Multimedia applet. Click on Midi tab and check that you have a Midi device installed. If there are more than one MIDI devices listed, make sure you have selected a correct MIDI device. Click Advanced tab and expand Midi Devices and Instruments. Open the Properties of your MIDI device and make sure that Use MIDI features on this device option is selected.
  6. Click Details tab and make sure you have a proper instrument definition for your MIDI device. You should have the following definitions: General MIDI Instrument and Percussion on Channel 16.
  7. Make sure that the device's mixer settings are correct. (If you have no a device specific mixer, choose Device Volume Control from the Media Player). E.g., check that MIDI Out channel is not muted and that its sound level is correct. If not, re-adjust and try to play a .MID file.
  8. If nothing seems to help, please contact technical support.

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