Scoring variations


There are several penalties that different Mah Jong versions apply for offenses and mistakes players can make during the game. Some deal with blunders like faulty declarations or having too many tiles in hand. Others deal with punishments for bad playing, e.g. giving away a valuable winning tile gratuitously.

To specify the penalties, choose Penalties under the Scoring section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box. The basic penalties for faulty declaration of Out and false claims are specified on the main option page while the more uncommon “Pao penalties’  and “Yakitori penalty” are specified on a separate dialog box accessed by clicking the Other button.

Basic penalties

In version 2 of Four Winds, the following two basic penalties can be applied:

Insurance penalties

In addition to the penalties mentioned above, the following insurance penalties against an irresponsible discard (resulting in "pao" – discarder paying for all losers) are supported:

In addition, the following option can be used when any of the insurance penalties is enabled:

Note: "No choice" means that a player has only dangerous tiles in hand, it does not cover situations where a player is forced to make a certain discard only because his hand is locked as a consequence of a ready declaration.

When insurance penalties are applied, there is no settlement for losers' scores (the pao discarder just pays the winner and no other payments are done).

Note: If any of the insurance penalties are applied, Four Winds automatically plays a sound effect whenever a risk for a dangerous discard arises (e.g., after one of the players has melded his third triplet of Winds). You can turn off the sound effect for Pao warnings by using the Sounds control on the Themes option page.


Four Winds also supports a penalty for not winning a single deal during the entire game (or match, when a tournament is played). This penalty is sometimes applied in Japanese Mah Jong and known as "yakitori" (roast chicken). The penalty is applied at the end of the game (or match).

Four Winds indicates the players with no wins in the Players window by marking their wins and losses with a highlight color (yellow in the default Four Winds theme).

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