Scoring variations

Inclusion and scoring of hands and patterns

Certain hands and patterns are almost universally acknowledged by all versions of Mah Jong, but they are often scored slightly differently. On the other hand, nearly all versions of Mah Jong acknowledge hands and patterns that are not accepted in other rules.

Four Winds recognizes over 250 scoring patterns and over 100 different limit and special hands. You can fully customize the scoring of all hands and patterns, separately for the winner and losers. To exclude an individual hand or pattern, simply set its scoring value to zero.

Options specific to Sets and Patterns
Options specific to Limit and Special Hands

Tip: To quickly assign a winner item the scoring of 100% of the Limit, double click the item while holding down the CTRL key. To quickly assign a loser item the scoring of the equivalent winner item, double click the loser item while holding down the CTRL key.

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