Game Manager

Chat tab

The controls on this tab let you communicate with other players of a multiplayer game.

Players can send public messages to all co-players, and, if enabled by the host using the options of the Multiplayer Game Wizard, personal messages, as well.

The upper part of the tab shows the incoming and sent messages. To clear the messages, right click on the text box and choose Clear from the context pop-up menu. To configure a sound effect for incoming messages, and toggle the sound, choose Configure sound, and Sound On from the same menu.

The lower part of the tab shows pre-defined messages and the current message. To send a message, choose it from the tree list, or type it in the text box below the tree list, and choose the receiver from the context menu.

Tip: You can search for messages by typing the initial letter of the message you wish to find. To clear the search buffer, press the ESC key. The search extends to all categories which are currently expanded.

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