Game Manager

Statistics tab

Displays information about the players and how they have played. Provides also controls that can be used during a multiplayer game to specify options related to the game.

The drop-down list allows you to choose whether to display information related to the current game or to previously played games where one of the pre-defined or saved, user-defined rule presets were used (no statistics are kept for unsaved customized rule presets).

The lower list displays for each player the name, full name, number of games played and won (omitted for the currently on-going game),  number of deals played, total points (excluding the initial points), points won, points lost, deals won, winning tiles discarded, claimed tiles, and discards claimed by other players. Note that when a multiplayer game is played, statistics (and high score information) are saved only for players with a registered copy of Four Winds.

The bottom section shows detailed statistical information and pie graphs of the deals won/lost and points won/lost for the currently selected player.

Options common to all statistics
Options specific to rule preset related statistics
Options specific to a multiplayer game (current game statistics)

When a multiplayer game is in progress, all players (but not the spectators) have access to the following commands in the context menu of the lower list (available, when the statistics of the current game are displayed):

The following commands are available only for the host of a multiplayer game:

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