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Settling table – Auxiliary points

Some versions of Mah Jong which are based on Faan-Laak scoring, use a complementary scoring system for rewarding certain basic scoring patterns with bonus points. These "auxiliary" points are converted to faans using a conversion table.

If a minimum point setting is used, the faans from auxiliary points are usually paid only if the hand qualifies as a winning hand without these bonus points. This option can be specified in the Exceptions dialog box.

Four Winds 2 supports specifying of conversion table with eight user-defined point values and their equivalent conversion values in faans (in half-point increments). If the conversion table specifies half faans (as below), the label headers of the faan-laak settling table automatically change to display faans in increments of half point.

You can access the Auxiliary Points dialog box by first choosing Faan-Laak as a settling table for final scores (Payments option page under the Scoring section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box), clicking the Customize button, and finally clicking the Auxiliary points button in the Settling table dialog box.

Note: You must have a user-defined or customized rule preset active in order to edit the conversion table. Also, you must quit an on-going game before being able to edit the rules. 


1) Conversion table for auxiliary 
points used in Internet Mahjong 
Server rules.

2) Conversion table for auxiliary 
points used in Mahjong Masters 
Million rules.


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