Example of the point calculation and payments

1. East goes out with a self-drawn tile

East has won the deal with the following hand. The Wind of the Round is East and the winner went out on self-drawn East Wind.

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In the following table the point calculation is demonstrated using three different rules.
Basic tile points European Classical Japanese Modern Hong Kong Mah Jong
Winning 20 points 20 fu
Concealed Kong of Terminals 32 points 32 fu
Melded Pung of Honors 4 points 4 fu
Concealed Simples 4 points 4 fu
Pair of the own Wind
and Wind of the Round
4 points (2 pts. for each) 4 fu (2 fu for each)
Going out on a pair 2 points 2 fu
Going out self-drawn 2 points 2 fu 1 faan
Total tile points 68 points 68 fu 1 faan
Rounded before doubles/han – (not used) 70 fu (rounded up to nearest ten) – (not used)
Bonus for hands and patterns
Pung of Dragons 1 double 1 han 1 faan
Total score for the hand 136 points 560 points (after a settling table) 4 points (after a settling table)
Rounded after doubles/han 140 points (rounded off to nearest ten) 600 points (rounded up to nearest 100) – (not used)
Payments Chinese Classical payoff scheme Japanese payoff scheme Chinese Modern payoff scheme
The winner receives 2 * 140 points from each loser (since East receives double) = 3 * 280 points = 840 points 2 * 600 points per loser (since East receives double), but discarder pays for all = 3 *  1,200 points = 3,600 points 2 * 4 points from each loser since all pay double if the winning tile is self-drawn = 24 points
The losers receive The difference of the total scores for their hands

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