Declaring Ready

If the rule of obligatory ready declaration is enabled on the Ready rule option page (under the Rules section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box), a player must inform other players that he has a “ready“ hand, i.e., that he needs only one tile to complete his hand and go out. A player cannot declare ready and go out on the same turn. The names of players who have made the ready declaration appear highlighted in the claim column and in the Players window. Obligatory ready declaration is used in the British rules.

The ready declaration is also used in the Japanese Transitional, Japanese Modern, Korean, WMPA, French and Italian rules. In these rules the declaration of "Ready" is voluntary, and if the player subsequently goes out on a hand declared ready, he is rewarded with extra bonus. 

In addition, the scoring patterns "Ready on original 13" and "Ready on first turn" require that players make a ready declaration. For details, see Rule variations: The Rule of Ready.

Declaring Ready

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