Deal ends in a draw

If there are no tiles left in the Wall and none of the players has succeeded to complete his hand, the deal ends in a draw. In this case no points are normally paid and the next deal is started.

In most rules the deal does not pass after a draw. You can customize the draw rules by using the options on the Winning & Draw option page (under the Rules section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box) and specify whether, when and how players are paid after a draw, and whether the deal passes. You can also specify that a special deal called Goulash is played after a draw. For details, see Draw rules.

Note: There are also a number of rules that specify conditions when the deal is automatically ended in a draw and when a player has a right to declare a dead hand (resulting in the deal considered as if ended in a draw). To specify these rules, click the Dead hand button on the Winning & Draw option page. For more information, see Dead hand rules.

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