Bonus for the winner of the Goulash deal

Goulash is a special deal that can be played after the deal ends in a draw. Normally the Goulash is played by establishing a pool where each player places a certain sum (e.g. 100 points) at the start of the Goulash deal. The winner of the Goulash deal collects the pool. Note that Four Winds handles the points placed in the Goulash pool as pending payments so they do not affect the players' total points until the pool is actually collected.

The points in the Goulash pool are handled as penalties and accordingly added to the winner's total points after all other point calculations and possible payment doubles (i.e., they are not doubled nor cut off to the limit).

You can enable this rule option on the Winning & Draw option page (under the Rules section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box), and specify options (the points each player places in the pool and what should be done if a Goulash deal ends in a draw) by clicking the Options button beside the control. For details, see Draw rules – Play Goulash after a draw.

Note: Though the rules would specify that the discarder of the winning tile must pay for all losers, the discarder does not need to pay bonus for Goulash deal for the other losers.

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