Kitty (or Goolie)

In the modern American rules players sometimes place at the start of each deal a predetermined sum (usually 100 points) to a pool ("kitty"). The pool is collected by the player who succeeds to win the deal with a Pung hand (a hand that does not contain Chows).

If the winning hand is not a Pung hand, or if the deal ends in a draw, each player adds another 100 points to the pool as the next deal starts. Note that Four Winds handles the points placed in the kitty as pending payments so they do not affect the players' total points until the pool is actually collected.

The kitty points, like penalties and bonus for dealer's extra hand and bonus for winning the Goulash deal, are paid to the winner after all other point calculations and possible payment doubles (i.e., they are not doubled nor cut off to the limit).

To enable the Kitty:
  1. Choose Preferences on the File menu.
  2. From the Rule Presets list, choose a customized rule preset.
  3. Choose Extra Payments and Rounding under the Scoring section of the category tree.
  4. Check the Kitty box.
  5. Specify the amount of bet in the number box below the option.

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