If either of the following penalties is enabled, the equivalent penalty sums are reduced from offenders’ total points and paid to the winner at the time of the payment. These points are paid even if the total of the winner's points exceeds the limit. No penalties are paid if the deal ends in a draw (but the ready penalties can be kept in a pool in certain situations). Note that the payment doubles are not applied to penalties, e.g., the East does not have to pay double penalties.

Note: The penalty for faulty claims is specified on the Penalties option page (under the Scoring section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box). The ready payments are specified on the Ready rule option page (under the Rules section of the category tree). Four Winds also supports penalties for a faulty Out declaration and a faulty Ready declaration and several insurance penalties (against irresponsible discards), and a penalty called “Yakitori”, but these penalties are special cases that are handled under variations. For more information on these penalties, check the variations of the penalty rules below.

Variations to the rule:
Scoring variations – Penalties
Voluntary Ready declaration

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