Printing notated list of moves

You can include a notated list of all moves of a played deal by using the Print moves option of the Print dialog box. This might be useful in deepening your strategic skills, finding out how players' hands developed, or learning operation of rules like Sacred discard.

As there is no English standard for notation of Mah Jong moves (some kind of standard exists only for Japanese Mah Jong), Four Winds uses custom notation marks, as described below.

Notation symbols


Description Symbol
Bamboos B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9
Characters C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9
Dots D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9
Dragons R [red], G [green], Wh [white]
Winds E, S, W, N
Jokers J
Flowers f1, f2, f3, f4
Seasons s1, s2, s3, s4
From Wall +  [followed by a tile symbol]
From Dead Wall
(supplement tile)
++  [followed by a tile symbol]
Discard   [followed by a tile symbol]
Player's turn skipped due to other player's claim
Player claimed discarded tile for a Chow x[suit][number sequence], e.g. xB456
Player claimed discarded tile for a Pung x[tile symbols], e.g. xB444, xRRR
Player claimed discarded tile for a Kong x[tile symbols], e.g. xB4444, xRRRR
Player claimed a discarded tile for a pair 
(and declared Out)
x[tile symbols], e.g. xB44, xRR
Player claimed a discarded tile for an irregular 
hand (and declared Out)
x[tile symbol], xB4
Kong completed from Pung !k[4th tile], e.g., !kB4
Concealed Kong !K[tile symbols], e.g. !KB4444
Declaration of Sacred Discard !S
Ready declaration !R
Out declaration !O
Player grabbed a joker from East 
[the actual tile indicated in brackets]
x E:J[B4]
False claim !FC
Faulty out declaration !FO

Example of notation of a complete deal


East (Jack) South (Helen) West (Tim) North (Player)
Dealt hands
Bamboo 3Bamboo 5Bamboo 6Bamboo 9Bamboo 9Character 1Character 6Character 6Character 7Dot 4
North WindJokerJokerSouth Wind Season (East)

Bamboo 2Bamboo 5Bamboo 7Bamboo 7Bamboo 8Character 3Character 4Character 8Dot 3Dot 6
Green DragonGreen DragonEast Wind

Bamboo 2Bamboo 9Character 1Character 5Character 9Character 9Character 9Dot 7
Red DragonSouth WindNorth WindNorth Wind  

Bamboo 5Bamboo 6Character 6Character 7Character 9Dot 4Dot 4Dot 6
Green DragonEast WindWest WindWest Wind



1: -C8 +D5 -D5 +E -D7 +D3 -C8
2: +D1 -D1 +C4 -C4 +B1 -B1 ...
3: xB1JJ -C4 +C3 -C3 +D2 -D2 +D8 -C3
4: +B4 -B4 +C5 -C5 xC5555 ++D1 -D1 +W -C2
5: +s4 ++B9 -B5 xB555 -B6 +C8 -N +SW <C4 -C4
6: +f3 ++C2 !KB9999 ++D5 -C2 +S -B8 +B2 -B2 +R -R
7: +B8 -D5 +B4 -B4 +D7 -D7 +Wh -Wh
8: +D1 -D1 +D1 -D1 +D9 -D9 +E -D9
+B3 Ding Dong
+ED8B6 -B6B8B2

+D8B8B2 -B2D8B8

+B6B2B8 -EB6B2

+B2B6B2 -D8B2B6
9: -B6 +B3 -B2 +D8 -B8 +B7 -B7
10: ... xB777 -B3 +f4 ++C4 -D8 +R -R
11: +C7 -D8 +C9 -C9 xC999 -C4 +J -B2
12: +s2 ++G -N +B6 -R +R -R +D3 !O

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