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Four Winds Mah Jong for Pocket PC supports the most common variations based on classical Mah Jong. The game comes with the same 8 pre-defined rule presets as the 1.x desktop version, and allows customization of many rule and scoring options. 

While there is no support for modern variations (those that are fully covered in the 2.x desktop version), the Pocket PC version supports fairly varied playing styles: e.g., in addition to the classical Chinese (labeled as European Contemporary) game, you can play classical Japanese Mah Jong (Japanese Official) and Hong Kong Mah Jong (also known as Hong Kong Old Style). 

The following list highlights the major features related to rules and scoring:

  • Eight pre-defined rule presets covering all major versions of classical Mah Jong, including classical Chinese, Japanese and American versions and Hong Kong Mah Jong.  All predefined rules can be customized and saved as user-defined rule presets. The rule presets are as follows: American Classical, European Contemporary, Four Winds, Hong Kong, Japanese Official, Japanese Riichi, Novice, Sheer Luck.
  • The following rule options are supported: use of Flowers and Seasons, maximum number of Chows allowed in the winning hand (0 to 4), minimum points required for a winning hand (Hong Kong rules only), claiming rules for Chows and the pair, sacred discard, missed discard, obligatory and voluntary ready declaration, passing of the deal after a draw.
  • The following payment settings can be changed: amount of Initial points, the limit point setting, payment method, payments for losers (lucky pairs, Little Three Dragons and Flowers and Seasons), payments after a draw, bonus for dealer's extra hands 
  • The following patterns can be selectively included or excluded: Concealed hand, All simples, Terminal or honor in each set, Four triplets 3 concealed, Three concealed triplets, 1 through 9 of one suit, All terminals and honors
  • The following patterns have alternative scoring values: Special ways of going out, Valueless hand, Pung hand, One suit only, All Flowers / All Seasons. 
  • The summary of the most important rules and scoring for all patterns included in the game can be easily checked by choosing Display Rules on the File menu.
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