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The full package of Four Winds Mah Jong for Pocket PC comes with 5  themes (alternative graphics schemes).  


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Four Winds – The default theme of Four Winds Pocket PC is inspired by a painting in Japanese Mah Jong Museum depicting ladies playing Mah Jong. (The painting can be seen in Jim May's  Mahjong Museum – Click Paintings/Photos and click  #219 Painting of Women playing Mah Jong.)

The tile set is based on a traditional Chinese ivory set from the 1920's ("#168 Genuine Ivory" in the tile set collection of Mahjong Museum). The picture in the background of the Scores dialog box is a detail from Chao Po-chό's (1125–1160) Landscape and palace (ink and color on silk).

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Bakelite – An example of a theme that uses only solid colors and no textured surfaces. The colors are dimmed basic colors that resemble early plastic materials like bakelite.

The tile set is based on Bakelite #005, described in Mahjong Museum.

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Bamboo – The 'theme utilizes bamboo and rice paper as materials for the game board.

The tile set represents a traditional Chinese set from the 1920's. The design is based on the Sacramento tile set described in Mahjong Museum

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Cardboard – A theme constructed of different kinds of cardboards and hand made papers.

The tile set represents a typical American tile set of 1930's. The design is based on Bakelite #005 described in Mahjong Museum, but the face side of the tiles, being originally bakelite, is replaced with plywood.

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Sakura – A theme that uses colors of a cherry tree.  Background graphics is based on a painting (ink and color on silk) by an unknown Chinese painter from the 12th or 13th century. The background in the Scores dialog box shows a detail of Ma Yόan's (12th century) Birds in Winter, ink on silk.

The tile set represents a common modern tile set made completely of plastic. 

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