Scores dialog box – Current Game view (Statistics)

You can access the Scores dialog box by choosing Scores on the View menu. If there is no game in progress, or the current deal is the first in the game, the dialog box opens with the Top 50 Hands view activated (otherwise the default view is the Current Game view).

When the Current Game view is activated the total points are shown on the first page. To display the statistics for the current game, click anywhere in the area where total points are displayed (to re-display the total points click the same spot again) .

The title bar shows the hand number, wind of the round, number of hand in the round, and the number of re-deal (if applicable).

Move the mouse cursor over the data to read descriptions on  the statistical information shown. The descriptions are displayed on the status bar of the Scores dialog box.

The dialog box can be rolled-up and down by double clicking the title bar (or by pressing the DEL key). The other controls are as follows:

Tip: To see the discarded tiles, press D. To re-display the hands, press D again. (Applicable only when using a game board with separate views.) 

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