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The Game Manager consists of five tabs that show pertinent information related to the game. The Hands tab shows all non-incidental hands enabled by the current rules you can arrange the hands alphabetically, by value or by category by right clicking the list and choosing the appropriate sorting command on the context menu.
The Rules tab shows detailed information about the current rules and scoring in one structured view, the Statistics tab shows statistical information related to not only the current game but all games played so far. The Moves tab allows moving back and forth in the game, and the Chat tab allows communication with other players when playing a multiplayer game.
When playing with an integrated game board, the Game Manager is always visible. When playing with non-integrated game boards, the Game Manager can be shown (and hidden) by choosing Game Manager on the View menu. The Game Manager (when displayed as an independent window) can also be resized by using the control on the bottom right corner, and rolled up and down like most of the pop-up window in Four Winds.
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