Moving back and forth in the game

If you have checked the Allow replay option on the General page of the Gameplay section (Preferences dialog box), you can move to another point in the game whenever it is your turn.

  1. Activate the Game Manager (for game boards with separate views, choose Game Manager on the View menu, or press CTRL+G).
  2. Click the Moves tab and in the history list, right click the move you wish to make the current move and choose Go to This Move on the context menu. You can also double click the item to do the same.
    Note: Only the moves marked with a red rectangle (color may vary according to the theme) can be activated.

Note: Once you have moved back in the game (or restarted the game), you can move forward in the history list. The items between the current move and the last played move are grayed out, but a "future" move can be activated in the similar way as an already played move. As soon as a move differs from the one played previously, all "future" items are removed from the list.

Tip: The history list is saved along a saved game. Combined with the replay feature of the Scores dialog box, you can move virtually to any move in any deal of the game. For more information on replaying a deal, click the related link below.

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