Replaying a deal

If the Replay option is checked on the Gameplay option page (under the User-Interface section in the category tree of the Preferences dialog box), you can play over any deal of the current game.

To play over a particular deal of the game:

  1. Open a saved game, if necessary (you can also re-play any deal of the current game, even if the game is not saved).
  2. Choose Scores on the View menu.
  3. Using the browse buttons, select a deal you wish to re-play.
  4. Click the arrow button beside the Close button (the caption of the button is Resume after a finished deal) and choose Replay from the option menu.

Note: When you replay a game and save the game, you lose the previously saved information of the active deal and deals succeeding it.

Tip: The history list is saved along a saved game. Once you have started the deal, you can move forward in the history list up to your last move in the active deal.

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