Opening a game

You can open an existing game whenever it is your turn.

To open a saved game:

  1. Choose Open on the File menu, or press CTRL+O.
  2. Select the drive and folder from the standard Explorer drive and folder drop down list box.
  3. Select the file from the file list box. The extension of Four Winds games is .4W. You can organize the files using standard Explorer tools. The description of currently selected game can be seen in the Description text box in the bottom of the dialog box.
  4. Select OK, or press ENTER, to open the game file, or select Cancel or press ESCAPE to cancel the command and close the dialog box.

If you are already playing a game, Four Winds asks whether you wish to save changes to the current game before opening a new one.

Note: Four Winds 2 supports the file format of Four Winds 1.x so you can open old games, as well. However, some of the new features (e.g., game history),   are not available when a 1.x version game is opened (unless you restart the game).

Tip: You can let Four Winds automatically open the last saved game on program startup by checking the Open last saved game on start-up check box. Notice that this works only if you close the program right after having saved the game.

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