Saving a game

You can save an unsaved Four Winds game or save the currently on-going saved game with a new name or in another folder.

To save a Four Winds game:

  1. Choose Save Game As on the File menu.
  2. Select the drive and folder from the Explorer drive and folder drop down list box. You can create a new folder by using standard Explorer tools. If you change the default folder, Four Winds asks (after the game is saved), whether the new folder is made the default folder for saved games.
  3. Enter a name for the new file in the File name text box. You don’t have to enter the .4W extension, since Four Winds adds it automatically. Enter description of the game (max. 128 characters) in the Description text box. The description is shown when you open a game.
  4. Select OK, or press ENTER to save the file, or select Cancel or press ESCAPE to cancel the command and close the dialog box.
    Note: If the file name is already in use, Four Winds will present a dialog box, where you can choose to overwrite the file or cancel the operation. In the latter case, the Save Game As dialog box is re-displayed so that you can enter another filename.

Hint: You can tell Four Winds to automatically open the last saved game on program start-up by checking the Open last saved game on start-up box. Notice that this works only if you close the program right after having saved the game.

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