Limit and Special hands – Special ways of going out

The following hands are based on the winner's way to go out (all are considered as classical Limit hands):
Limit or Special Hand Description Options
Heavenly Hand (Heaven's Blessing, Ch. tian huo, Jap. ten-hou)
East declares ‘Out’ with the dealt hand (after supplement tiles, if any). No supplements (Y/N)
Note: When checked, a player must go out immediately on the dealt hand going out on a supplement tile after declaring a concealed Kong or melding Flowers and Seasons does not qualify for a Heavenly hand.
Earthly Hand
(Earth's Blessing, Ch. di huo, Jap. chi-hou)
Non-dealer goes out on dealer’s first discard (supplement tiles are allowed). Extended interpretation (Y/N) JC, JT Yes
Note: When checked, the hand is extended to cover also the situation where non-dealer goes out on his first self-drawn tile before any Chows, Pungs or Kongs have been declared.
Narrowed interpretation (Y/N) CT, JM Yes
Note: When checked, the hand is defined as "non-dealer going out on his first self-drawn tile before any Chows, Pungs or Kongs have been declared".
No supplements (Y/N)
Note: When checked, a player must not have used supplement tiles (for Flowers and Seasons) to achieve his calling hand.
Moon from the Bottom of the Sea
(Ch. hai di lao yue, Jap. hai-te-rao-yue)
Going out on the last tile of the Wall or on the last discard, tile being Dot 1.
Plum Blossom on the Roof
(Ch. wu tong kai hua)
Going out on a supplement tile, tile being Dot 5. Note: Only for Kongs option of Out on a supplement tile (in the Points for the Winning category) determines, whether a tile received as a replacement of a Flower or Season qualifies for this hand.
Scratching a Carrying Pole
(Ch. qiang gang er tiao)
Going out on robbed Kong, tile being Bamboo 2.
Kong on Kong (Ch. gang shang gang) Player goes out on the supplement tile received after the second declaration of Kong on the same turn.
Thirteen Discarded Orphans Bamboo 1Bamboo 9 Character 1Character 9 Dot 1Dot 9 White DragonGreen DragonRed DragonRed Dragon East WindSouth WindWest Wind Notrh Wind  
Player's first 13 discards consist of either a) 13 orphans (unique Dragons, Winds and terminals), or b) 12 orphans  + any other discard matching one of the 12. 
He may go out in the following ways: 
(a) by picking from the Wall or claiming from another player's discard the 14th tile that matches any of the 13 discarded orphans, and declaring Out.
(b) by picking from the Wall or claiming from another player's discard the 14th tile that is the 13th orphan, and declaring Out.
Note: Player may not himself have any melded sets. The hand must always be declared Out (and before the 14th discard), simply discarding the 14th valid tile won't result in win. Player's discards claimed by other players are included in the count of 13 first discards, so the option for extended discard information is automatically turned on. As discards must also be seen in ordered fashion, the option for showing discards by player is automatically turned on. The hand is by definition a "direct count" hand so no points for patterns in hand are added to the scores.
Consider pre-dealt jokers as discards (Y/N) WA Yes
When the option is checked (and rules use pre-dealt jokers), each joker that is pre-dealt in player's hand (there may be 1 or 2) decreases the number of required orphan discards by one (jokers are considered as "virtual" discards, the value of which is specified at the time of declaration). E.g., if 1 pre-dealt joker is used, the player needs only 12 discards (either all 12 unique, or 11 unique and one matching tile) and can go out on the 13th valid discard (either unique, if the pair already appears amongst discards, or on any of the 13 possible orphans, if the existing 12 are all unique discards). The values of the jokers need to be specified at the time of the declaration and be specified in a way that results in having 13 orphans and 14th tile composing a pair with any of these 13. This option is provided because pre-dealt jokers cannot be discarded.
Note: Ordinary (non-pre-dealt) jokers are never considered as "virtual" discards, so they can be used to assist collecting this "hand" only when a player actually discards them, assigning them the required tile values (note however that a joker that is in hand can like any other tile be considered as the 14th discard at the time of the declaration). The pre-dealt jokers are handled similarly if the above mentioned option is not checked. Note that in order to be able to use jokers effectively as discards, you should make sure that an option, which auto-assigns values of discarded jokers, is turned off.
Dealer's consecutive wins Dealer has won the specified number of deals in a row (note that this requires that the dealer really wins consecutive deals, possible re-deals after a draw will reset the winning counter).
Note: Japanese Mah Jong knows this hand as Dealer's Eighth Extra Hand, which means that dealer has won 9 times in a row (winning the eighth extra hand means 9 wins in a row). Other versions might specify different number of consecutive wins (e.g. 8 or 13).
# of consecutive wins  JT 9, CC 13
Allow draws in between (Y/N) JT No, CC Yes
Pass deal (Y/N) JT Yes, CC Yes
Note: If the deal is not passed, the dealer will get the specified scores for Dealer's Consecutive Wins for each deal he wins after the first time he scored for this pattern.

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